Oodles of new pieces coming soon to afterglow vintage

Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock Toile and Lace
Wedding Dress at afterglow vintage

Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock toile and lace wedding dress, midcentury red plaid fuzzy blanket, 1980’s Gitano striped sweater with peekaboo sleeves, bright striped rugby shirt, paint splatter beach shorts, Hawaiian trapeze print dress, beautiful vintage fabrics, and so much more…
just photographed today and arriving soon to afterglow vintage and AC’s vintage fabric shop!

Midcentury Woolly Blanket at afterglow vintage
1980’s Gitano at afterglow vintage

Vintage Bright Striped Rugby Shirt at afterglow vintage

1980’s Board Shorts at afterglow vintage

1960’s Hawaiian Print Dress at afterglow vintage

Vintage Peacock Print Fabric at AC Fabric Shop

Vintage Paris France Fabric at AC Fabric Shop

Vintage 1930’s Theme Floral Print Fabric at AC Fabric Shop

Too Much To Do, and Pickles

AC Clothing and Bags / afterglow vintage studio

The last few days have been super hectic, with family in town and great vintage fabric and clothing hunting. So the sewing and the laundry is piling up, but that will have to wait for my next in-studio work day, stay tuned for lots of new goodies in my Etsy stores...

In the meantime, I’m making a new batch of pickles! They’re so easy, I’m surprised I’ve never done it before. But I always thought it required lots of steps and boiling jars in a hot kitchen, like canning, so the thought of all that made me too lazy to learn.

But then my sister and my friend both mentioned that they’d done it before in a much more simple manner, and when I researched a bit, I found it was the same sort of process that results in a light, crispy pickle, like half-sour kosher pickles, which are my favorites. So I’ve been on a roll lately

This batch is cucumbers with fresh dill and garlic. Everything that can be made with garlic, in my kitchen, is made with garlic, and if it does have garlic, it has a lot.

I think it’s a two liter jar, which I half fill with water and nearly 1/4 cup salt. Then lots of fresh dill, lots and lots of garlic, and the cucumbers. Make sure the cucumbers are pushed down so everything is fully submerged in the water, otherwise, mold grows on whatever sticks out.

Then, I leave the lid partly open, and cover the top loosely with a kitchen towel to keep the dust out, and I let it sit on my counter for a few days. The last few times, I left the jar out three days; this time, I’m trying four. I’ll let you know how it goes.

After it’s fermented for three (or four?) days, I refrigerate them for at least a full day, just so they’re nice and cold, and they’re ready to eat!

By the way, I found that you can re-use the brine from the last batch to make a new batch of light pickles. I had made a batch of pickled cucumber and green beans with dry dill, garlic, and lots of red pepper flakes, and when they were eaten, I cut carrots into long thin sticks and left them in the brine, in the fridge, for 3-5 days (we ate them over that period of time). They were crisp and delicious!

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My favorite vintage men’s shirt right now!

Is this shirt fantastic, or what?

Super awesome 1960’s elephant print cotton shirt, in green, navy blue, and red on white, with button up front, one chest pocket, smallish notched collar, and straight hem

In excellent condition
There are no labels; it appears to have been hand made by a skilled sewer

NOTE: the elephants are upside-down! so this shirt is perfect for someone who’s kinda weird. 

It looks and feels like it’s made from an all cotton fabric; I recommend machine washing and either hang to dry or machine dry with no heat, to keep the print bright and fresh


Dimensions:chest: 42″ (meant to fit a little softly)length (top of shoulder to hem): 24″

My new perfect vintage black dress!

Oh my goodness, I just found the perfect black dress yesterday… I had it all photographed for the shop, but as I admired it on the mannequin, I realized it had to be mine.

It’s by Taurus II, an 80’s brand I come across somewhat regularly, and the pieces are generally black knits, often with gray or white striping and details, and sporty and easy to wear.

This one has a wonderful very full flowy skirt (when you twirl in it, it swings around in a full circle), hidden hip pockets, a simple bodice, and a perfect waistline. 1980’s channels Audrey Hepburn.

It’s a little more sleek and severe than I usually go for, but the full flowy skirt softens it, making it just playful enough that right now, it’s my new favorite dress.

Awesome new fabrics coming to afterglow vintage fabric shop!

Hello friends!

I’ve just come across some fabulous Hawaiian print and nautical print fabrics, which I’ll be listing today in my afterglow vintage fabric shop. These are the style of fabrics I’m the biggest sucker for: colorful vintage prints featuring people, boats, and island scenes!

Come and get ’em while they’re still here! Or better yet, order a custom AC piece in one or more of these fabrics