Vintage luxe velvets at afterglow vintage

Vintage 1970’s Abe Schrader black velvet dress with silver and gold embroidery, with split neckline and long sleeves, large / size 12

Lovely, classic velvet dress. In a softest glossy black velvet, with split neckline, softly tailored bodice fully lined, softly angled a-line skirt , long sleeves, and back zip closure, and best of all, beautifully embellished with silver and gold embroidery and gimp trim. 1970’s….

Vintage Jaeger of London velvet blazer, beautiful embellished buttons, hip pockets, & 3/4 sleeves w/ turned up split cuffs, navy blue, small

Vintage Jaeger of London velvet blazer, beautiful embellished buttons, hip pockets, & 3/4 sleeves w/ turned up split cuffs, navy blue, small

Vintage 1990’s off the shoulder scarlet red velvet dress, long length, small / size 2 – 4

Vintage 1990’s striking scarlet red velvet dress. With wide round neckline with little off-shoulder sleevelets, fitted sweetheart bodice. fully lined, zipper back closure, and long length with slightly a-line skirt

1960’s / 1970’s crushed velvet / silky flower print long skirt, in shades of brown and orange, small / medium

Stunning, dramatic floor length skirt in gorgeous deep brown crushed velvet and silky floral print fabrics paneled together to create a rich and elegant piece. The floral print is a silky fabric with hydrangeas, full-blown roses, and other flowers in shades of pink, coral, soft periwinkle blue, dark brown, mint green, and light brown. The crushed velvet looks and feels like a rayon velvet (the fiber label is missing). Fully lined in dark brown taffeta, with straight hem and elasticized waist.

Vintage deep red & gold velvet Afghan dress, with rich embroidery, full gathered skirt, high waist, long bell sleeves, about a medium (6-10)

Beautiful vintage deep red velvet Afghan dress, with rich embroidery in metallic gold at the front of the bodice and sleeves cuffs and scattered medallions, with full gathered skirt, high waist, and long bell sleeves

Deep blue velvet flare leg pants, soft and flowy with low slung stretch waistband, by costume / uniform maker Algy, size small

Deep blue stretch velvet flare leg pants, in soft and flowy knit, with low slung stretch waistband, leg hems are bound with serging, can be worn as is or hemmed to fit

Vintage Lanz scarlet red velvet dress, open back with bows, high neckline, long puffed sleeves, small / medium (size 6 – 8)

Sweet, classic velvet dress by Lanz, in a timeless style reminiscent of a dirndl. In a deep, rich scarlet velvet, with high neckline, fitted bodice fully lined, full skirt ruched at the waist, puffed long sleeves, removable shoulder pads, side zip closure, and best of all, an open v- back crossed by 3 bows

1970’s vintage velveteen blazer, by Breckinridge, with hip pockets, notched collar, and tailored cut, black, women’s small / 6

Classic, flattering 1970’s blazer / jacket, of excellent quality construction and materials, in softest rich black cotton velveteen, with notched collar, tailored cut, welt hip pockets and single left bust pocket, deep vee neck with two-button front closure with round black buttons, and long sleeves with three-button cuffs. Fully lined in silky black fabric

Flamingo pink glossy velveteen knit top, cap sleeve, with vee neck, early 1980’s, small

Cute little short sleeve knit top with integrated cuffed batwing short sleeves, vee neck, cut softly, gathered at the ribbed waistband, in a glossy flamingo pink velvety knit

1960’s velvet hot pants / shorts, button front, in deep burgundy with gold buttons, women’s large / size 10 – 12

Awesome button front velvet hot pants / shorts, in deep burgundy velveteen, with high waist, darts for a tailored fit, short length straight hems, and gold tone buttons down the front.
Meant to be worn tight!

Halloween costume ideas for pieces you can still wear afterwards, by afterglow vintage

Costume Idea: Priestess

Create a headdress with a flowing piece of sheer fabric and an elaborate necklace, or mold one from cardboard and aluminum foil painted gold

– Vintage Egyptian print caftan dress, Krist Gudnason, in gold, lapis lazuli blue, emerald green, red, and purple, 1970’s, OSFM / (10 – 14)

Costume Idea: Cubist Artwork

Wear this with plain white pants. Go to a party with a group of friends also dressed as artwork, and when people ask what you are, you and your friends take this as your cue to line up along the wall and strike a pose

 1980’s cubist art sweater top, with elbow sleeves, in bright and primary colors on black, small / medium

Costume Idea: Hippie Girl

Weave a headband of flowers, real or artificial, wear your hair long and parted in the middle, leave your shoes at home, and love freely!

– 1960’s / early 70’s hippie dress, patchwork of calico prints in blue, green, purple, and cream embellished with ribbons, small / petite

Costume Idea: Pretty Witch

Pointy hat and black shoes are all you really need for this one, green makeup optional

– Net polka dot lace dress, in black with layered skirts, sweetheart neckline under sheer bodice, bow sash, 1970’s / early 1980’s, medium

Costume Idea: 1920’s Gatsby Girl

Take some hair gel and apply generously to your hair, using your fingers to form waves and curls at either side of your face, pinning up the rest at the back if your hair’s long. Tie the sash around your forehead with a little side bow and complete the look with t-strap shoes and a long necklace

– 1970’s poppy dress, in a sheer floral print cotton, 1920’s drop waist style, long sleeves, medium

Costume Idea: 1990’s In Living Color Dancer

Wear with high top sneakers topped with scrunched-down colorful layered socks. Wash your hair the night before and put it in braids or curlers, and comb it out into ‘big hair’ in the morning, preferably swept to one side.
Put in some big hoops in your ears and dance away!

– Early 1990’s black and neon flower print bodysuit / leotard, tank top with scoop neckline, extra small – small / size 2 – 4

Costume Idea: Disco Queen

With some silver or gold tight pants, strappy shiny shoes, generous eyeshadow, your old Abba tape, and the right moves, you are the dancing queen!

– 1980’s sequined and beaded silk butterfly and flame blouse in black and gold, one size fits many (the silver one is not yet added to the store, please message me if you’d like me to add it right away)

Costume Idea: Harlequin

Just add an eye mask, fan or wand, tights, and ballet flats for that fabulous and timeless masked ball look!

– Vintage 1960’s Chiarella Italian wild ruffled dress, with geometric print, puffed sleeves, rope belt, and ruffled neckline, size 6 – 8….

Costume Idea: Space GirlJoan of Arc


This tunic top and hood are originally meant to be part of a child’s chain mail costume. On a woman, it fits more closely, and can be used to create many costumes. Two of my suggestions are: Star Trek space alien, or Joan of Arc. For the first, makeup can create a new look for your face, say, a third eye in the middle of your forehead. For the latter, make a sword from cardboard and aluminum foil, and complete with tights worn with pointy short boots, medieval-style

(not yet added to the store, please message me if you’d like me to add it right away)

Tilden Regional Park Hike, Berkeley Hills, California

Yesterday afternoon, June 19th 2015, I hiked beautiful Tilden Regional Park in the Berkeley Hills, San Francisco Bay Area in California, from end to end and back again to the starting point.
In total, I hiked about 11 1/2 miles, and it took me about 3 1/2 – 4 hours of steady hiking with few stops, except to take pictures; I forgot to look at the time right when I started. As those of you who know me well are aware, I hike a lot, it’s one of my very favorite things to do. Just thought I’d share this one with you since it’s the first time I made a point of hiking the Tilden trails that took me as far as I could go from one end of the park to the other.

I parked near Little Farm and the Visitor’s Center, and headed via Jewel Lake and Sylvan Trials to Wildcat Canyon Peak Trial, which takes you to around the northwest end of the park. I took the Peak Trail to Nimitz Way, stopped at Inspiration Point, headed up the Seaview Trail to connect with the East Bay Skyline National Trail, and took that all the way to Vollmer Peak at the southeast end of the park. Coming back, I took the Vollmer Peak Trail to Arroyo, to Upper Big Springs, to Quarry, to Lower Big Springs, back down Seaview, then met with Curran Trail. For the last leg of the return trip, I chose Wildcat Gorge Trail, which takes you nearly all the way back to the Visitor Center.

Along the way, I saw quail, lizards, wild turkeys, and oodles of other birds; at one point as I was on a ridge trail, a redtail hawk cruised by about twenty feet in front of me at eye level on its way to hunt the grassy hillside below, so I got a good, long look at her. I saw sweet peas, sticky monkey flower, golden poppy, cow parsnip, wild teasel, thistle, and many other wildflowers. I walked through oen grasslands and hiked among oak, sequoia, bay, pine, eucalyptus, toyon, and other beautiful trees and shrubs. I ate wild blackberries and plums, and would have eaten the less common thimbleberries except the ones I found weren’t ripe yet (I had some the other day in Joaquin Miller, really a treat). Watch out for poison oak; I used to react to it very badly, but I think I’ve developed a resistance to it: it’s absolutely everywhere, but I don’t break out anymore, just a little itchy blister now and then.

Here’s a little picture book I took on my hike (with my cell phone camera, nothing fancy). All photos are presented here in the order in which they were taken so you an take a virtual walk with me, though I only captured the smallest fraction of the beauty of this place.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual hike with me!

love, Amy

Oodles of beautiful Wool at afterglow vintage!

Like to be warm and cozy yet not overheated, dry yet ventilated, and soft and fuzzy to the touch?

Then you like to wear wool!

There’s oodles of beautiful vintage wool pieces at afterglow vintage right now; just enter ‘wool’ into the store’s search bar and you’ll find plenty to choose from, for women and men, just in time for this round of winter storms!

Vintage midcentury Marchesa di Gresy wool jacket at afterglow vintage


Oakland Art En Plein Air: Murals and Grafitti

There has been so much fantastic new art appearing on the walls in my neighborhood (Chinatown) and surrounding areas lately, and I feel the need to share it.

I’ll continue to document more as I discover it over time. Enjoy!

By the way, if you are the creator of any of these pieces and would like to be named here, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!