My new perfect vintage black dress!

Oh my goodness, I just found the perfect black dress yesterday… I had it all photographed for the shop, but as I admired it on the mannequin, I realized it had to be mine.

It’s by Taurus II, an 80’s brand I come across somewhat regularly, and the pieces are generally black knits, often with gray or white striping and details, and sporty and easy to wear.

This one has a wonderful very full flowy skirt (when you twirl in it, it swings around in a full circle), hidden hip pockets, a simple bodice, and a perfect waistline. 1980’s channels Audrey Hepburn.

It’s a little more sleek and severe than I usually go for, but the full flowy skirt softens it, making it just playful enough that right now, it’s my new favorite dress.

Louise Dress in teal and olive 1950’s/60’s bird and flower print taffeta

Here’s a custom Louise Dress I finished today for a client, inĀ in teal and olive 1950’s/60’s bird and flower print taffeta, with goldtone filigree button and teal cotton binding, size small

Awesome new fabrics coming to afterglow vintage fabric shop!

Hello friends!

I’ve just come across some fabulous Hawaiian print and nautical print fabrics, which I’ll be listing today in my afterglow vintage fabric shop. These are the style of fabrics I’m the biggest sucker for: colorful vintage prints featuring people, boats, and island scenes!

Come and get ’em while they’re still here! Or better yet, order a custom AC piece in one or more of these fabrics