My new perfect vintage black dress!

Oh my goodness, I just found the perfect black dress yesterday… I had it all photographed for the shop, but as I admired it on the mannequin, I realized it had to be mine.

It’s by Taurus II, an 80’s brand I come across somewhat regularly, and the pieces are generally black knits, often with gray or white striping and details, and sporty and easy to wear.

This one has a wonderful very full flowy skirt (when you twirl in it, it swings around in a full circle), hidden hip pockets, a simple bodice, and a perfect waistline. 1980’s channels Audrey Hepburn.

It’s a little more sleek and severe than I usually go for, but the full flowy skirt softens it, making it just playful enough that right now, it’s my new favorite dress.