Homemade Kimchi

¬†Yes, I’m still hooked on pickling things. This time, I’ve pickled cabbage, Korean-style. I started with a brine, less salty than usual because I added lots of fish sauce, which is very, very salty. I also used oodles of pepper flakes, garlic cloves (cut in quarters), fresh ginger slices, a little simple syrup (dissolved sugar),… Continue reading Homemade Kimchi

Too Much To Do, and Pickles

The last few days have been super hectic, with family in town and great vintage fabric and clothing hunting. So the sewing and the laundry is piling up, but that will have to wait for my next in-studio work day, stay tuned for lots of new goodies in my Etsy stores… In the meantime, I’m… Continue reading Too Much To Do, and Pickles