Swig a Pig!

Blind Pig Brewing Company Pub Glass

I just bought this pub glass the other day at Urban Ore, and while I recognized the name ‘Blind Pig’ as an IPA that Russian River Brewing Company makes, I wondered why it said it’s from Temecula. I showed the glass to my sister’s boyfriend, who is a beer geek in the best sense ¬†of the term (not like this), and he told me that yes, it is the same Blind Pig, but it moved to Russian River.

So as I was drinking my coffee out of the glass just now, I was curious and looked into the story, and found that the brewery this glass came from closed in 1997 when one of the co-owners, Vinnie Cilurzo, left to become a brewmaster for Russian River Brewing Company. He’s famous for making some of the most innovative and delicious beers to be had.

So anyone, just a fun tidbit of beer history with my late morning coffee.