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Oodles of beautiful Wool at afterglow vintage!

Like to be warm and cozy yet not overheated, dry yet ventilated, and soft and fuzzy to the touch?

Then you like to wear wool!

There’s oodles of beautiful vintage wool pieces at afterglow vintage right now; just enter ‘wool’ into the store’s search bar and you’ll find plenty to choose from, for women and men, just in time for this round of winter storms!

Vintage midcentury Marchesa di Gresy wool jacket at afterglow vintage


Oakland Art En Plein Air: Murals and Grafitti

There has been so much fantastic new art appearing on the walls in my neighborhood (Chinatown) and surrounding areas lately, and I feel the need to share it.

I’ll continue to document more as I discover it over time. Enjoy!

By the way, if you are the creator of any of these pieces and would like to be named here, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!

Update: My stolen handbag, and the lovely people who found it and gave it back to me

Two kind people contacted me today to return my purse to me. The woman I met today, her father, and her sister were out for a walk late yesterday and saw my bag tossed aside. They gathered my things and used the information they found to contact me. Thank you, Elyse and Frank, and the other lady I didn’t get to meet! You are what’s right with the world!


Original post: Lost & Found post on Craigslist: My handmade bag was stolen early yesterday evening on Redwood Road 

Early yesterday evening, someone stole my purse out of my car while I was hiking, between 4:30 and 6 pm. My car was parked at the Big Bear Staging Area on Redwood Road in the Oakland hills, where Chabot and Redwood regional parks meet. I think I mistakenly left the car unlocked, and someone reached under the seat, under some clothes, and grabbed it

I’m hoping that whoever stole it may have discarded it soon after, when they find that there was no cash, ID, credit or bank cards, or anything else of particular value in it. The only things in it are of personal value: I hand made my bag, and the wallet/pouches inside it, from favorite vintage fabrics, and there are receipts and other things that I would like to have back too if possible

If you find it, I would be so deeply appreciative if you’d contact me! Here’s my Craigslist lost & found posting: