Amy wearing Minnie Tunic, square

Hello, I’m Amy Cools, writer, quilter, designer, and vintage clothing curator who lives and works in Oakland, California.

I create large-scale picture quilts: memory quilts of the people I love and inspire me, and landscape scenes that have so struck me with their power and beauty that I must re-create them in fabric and thread, my primary artistic media.

My quilts combine traditional aesthetics and idiosyncratic constructions techniques. They’re constructed entirely of fabric and thread and fully bound and finished, so that they can function as true quilts. This is an important element of my work since my quilts, like traditional quilts, are artifacts of warmth and comfort, of carrying on family traditions and passing on the story of a life and shared experiences in heirloom form, of surrounding the viewer with the warmth and love I’ve received from the subjects of my quilts, which I in turn share with the viewer through them.

They’re constructed in a painterly style, the fabrics often laid down so that they create a highly textured, three dimensional surface reminiscent of thick brushstrokes. My style and technique are informed by my background as an art history student, drawer, painter, and vintage clothing and fabric collector.

Most importantly, my quilts are direct expressions of the heart.

I also sell vintage clothing, specialty fabrics and trims, and a small line of designs I create, bags featuring vintage and specialty fabrics and buttons, vintage print skirts, warm cozy statement scarves made from vintage wools and woollys, and hot pants. Please find the links to my shops across the home page of this website, below the banner at the top.


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